Websites provide fashionable, creative ideas, great products

To keep the creative juices flowing every day, there are tons of websites to spark inspiration. Pinterest, Wanelo, Etsy and more are some of the most used sites. Each has all sorts of creative ideas and products anyone can buy.

Wanelo is a website where you can browse for almost anything, and on the site will tell you where to buy it. Clothes, phone cases, shoes and so much more can be found. Senior Chris Dobson just found out about Wanelo a couple weeks ago. “I think it’s really cool because it is so easy to find neat products and things,”  Dobson said.

Dobson finds Wanelo really convenient to find exactly what he has been looking for. “It is all in one place, and you don’t have to go searching a bunch of different websites. Also, you can search for products, so it is easy to get what you want,” Dobson said.

Abby Young, a sophomore, heard about Wanelo from a friend and instantly loved it. “It’s very handy right before holidays so you can save stuff and then ask for that stuff for Christmas,” Young said.

Wanelo isn’t just for girls; guys can find tons of products too. “Guys should get one because many of the merchandise on Wanelo is male things as well. It’s really easy to find cool, neat products,” Dobson said.

Both Dobson and Young have found products they loved on Wanelo and bought them through the site. “I bought shoes and an elephant sweatshirt,” Young said. “I have bought a couple pairs of socks, and I have a phone case on the way,” Dobson said.

Pinterest is another huge website that many have discovered. Basically, users set up boards on their Pinterest and search anything to pin to those boards. Some boards people have are fashion, crafts/DIY, home decor and many others. By using Pinterest, people can find things that are specifically their taste and are inspired by all the things people have made.

Senior Natalie Rokes is a Pinterest addict. “I started using Pinterest fall of 2011. I enjoy that it can link you directly to blogs if you are looking at craft things. I enjoy all the creative ideas it’s given me and ways to do things for cheaper than buying them,” Rokes said.

Rokes loves finding clothing and other items that fit her style. “I enjoy the women’s fashion, home decor and hair and beauty because it helps me generate ideas for my everyday life,” Rokes said.

There are endless creative ideas on Pinterest. Rokes said she loves to find ideas there and create her own version of what is shown. “I have made numerous things that I have found on it or things very similar to what they show,” Rokes said.

Besides Pinterest and Wanelo, there are more websites out there with even more creative ideas and products. “Wanelo is similar to Pinterest, but it is mostly clothing, and it gives you a direct link to buy the things you see. Etsy is a lot of the crafts that you see on Pinterest for sale, made by individual people and not companies,” Rokes said.

Gentlemint is another version of Pinterest aimed more at males. It is almost the same setup as Pinterest. It’s just filled with more products for men.

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