Huge thank you to parents for making After Prom a success

Parent helpers look on at After-Prom activities taking place at Orchard Hill Church.

After Prom was a huge success thanks largely to the time and energy the supportive parents of CFHS students put into it. It is impressive that our school has that many people willing to stay up until 4 a.m. so that we can have a safe, fun atmosphere to hang out in. Some favorites of the evening included the hypnotist’s show and the games that were set up including jousting, shooting free throws, bingo and casino games.

Part of the draw for students is the many prizes they can win at After Prom. Thank you to all of the businesses that donated gift cards and products. At the end of the night, students smiled through sleepy eyes at the surprise of winning iPods, Kindles and TVs. Girls’ makeup gave the illusion they were still wide awake, and the coffee and caffeine-filled soda helped that cause. Along with these drinks, there was plenty of food for the hungry dancers. Pancheros burritos, sub sandwiches and cookie plates stacked to the ceiling were big hits.

Ultimately the evening was spectacular and could not have continued so smoothly without the hours both behind the scenes and on the surface. Something students might not know is there were many parents that donated their own money to be able to provide many of the attractions After Prom offered. Literally funding and functioning the event, parent volunteers deserve some praise and time to catch up on their sleep.

The night was a big success, and After Prom was a great way to end it. Without the time, energy and support from all the parents, the night wouldn’t have been as great as it was. Thank you to everyone involved.

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