Cheerleaders ready for State

After getting first place at the Tritan Challenge in Fort Dodge the CFHS cheer team is very confident and excited for the state cheer competition which is right around the corner. The competition is held in Des Moines on Nov. 2. The girls preperation is a little different this year. Normally the CFHS cheer team competes in the medium division with 16 girls on the team; however, this year the girls will be competing in the large division with 22 girls on their team.

The comp cheer team is not just like the cheer team you see at a basketball or football game. This team is made up of 22 freshman through seniors who try out. These girls have to be able to do advanced stunting, tumbling, cheers and a dance. At the state performance they have two minutes and 30 seconds to show all of that.

The girls’ goal at State is to hit their stunt routine as cleanly as possible. The team just moved up a division (from medium to large), so the competition is a little heavier. “As long as we hit our routine we’ll be great,” junior Haley Alexander said.

Besides practicing several days a week, the comp cheer team does some fun things. The week right before State, the girls dress up in themed outfits. The girls also each have a state sister, where they each get a person that they secretly give little gifts to.

The team is hoping to come home with a trophy and the title of state champions on Nov. 2.

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