Women’s bowling team ready for new season, coach

The CFHS women’s bowling team will be heading down to Cedar Rapids on Nov. 26 to play its first bowling game against Cedar Rapids Kennedy with a new coach, Scott Holman. Last year the team was coached by Brad Baker, but this year he will lead the men’s team only as Holman takes over for the women.

The women have been preparing for this by practicing every Tuesday, and the girls who are on varsity get a little extra practice by also practicing on Thursdays. At practice the team practices the basic fundamentals of bowling such as getting spares and adjusting to certain lane conditions. They also practice Bakers bowling, which is team bowling that consists of six varsity and six JV players.

The varsity team consists of seven players: Christine Holman, Jessica Hinz, Liz Gerstenkorn, Emily Barth, Jayden Robe, Rachael Sears and Savannah Hartman. Everyone on JV and varsity gets to bowl in the meets. “As a senior my goal is to help the team do well and to be a leader. I love helping others who may struggle or get down when they don’t do well,” senior Jessica Hinz said.

Last year the team ended the season with three wins and eight loses which is one more win than the year before. The girls’ meet average also improved about 200 pins in the last two years. “I think we are going in the right direction,” Holman said.

The Tigers goals for this season are to finish the season off 6-6 and to have each bowler increase her score by 10 pins.

“One of my favorite parts of coaching the girls bowling team is to watch each athlete improve her bowling fundamentals, skills and experience the fun of bowling. It is very rewarding seeing them becoming a team and learning a fun sport that they will be able to do their whole life,” Holman said.


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