Student leaders prevent violence through training

There is a new student leadership group at CFHS. It is a student mentoring program called Mentors Preventing Violence or MVP for short, offered through the UNI Center for Violence Prevention. The group of about 70 will help the current freshmen with their registration next year.

Students who were selected for MVP are doing very well in school, both grade and attendance wise. They also must be involved in community or school activities.

CFHS Counselor Susan Langan is involved in MVP.

Langan thinks that MVP can impact the school positively in the long term.

“MVP will provide positive role models for incoming sophomores. It will also provide welcoming arms for incoming students, and let them know that there are safe people everywhere for them to talk to,” Langan said. “The group will hold anti-bullying and positive ideas, and can really help to make the school a more positive place.”

Sophomore Jacob Watters is a member of MVP.

“I joined MVP because I wanted to be able to help others. I want to have a positive effect on our school,” Watters said. “Students who are in any sort of trouble should know that there are a whole lot of kids that can help them, and that is really what MVP is. There are always people to talk to.”

Langan said she looks forward to getting to know the students involved in MVP.

“This group of kids is an awesome and diverse group. Almost every group at CFHS is represented here. From drama to football to trapshooting, we’re all here,” Langan said. “It’s really fun.”

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