Pokémon TV shows launched on Netflix

Hours of happily watching your TV screen await anyone who has Netflix now that the entire first and 14th seasons of Pokemon have arrived. Netflix has also added two movies, Pokemon Black and Pokemon White. Many have already watched as many episodes as they can, and Pokemon is taking them back to their childhood dreams of being a Pokemon master, and fans are hoping that they will choose to put more seasons on Netflix. Maybe the success of these currently uploaded episodes of Pokemon will help them find out if they want to put more.

Many people think that Pokemon — the games, movies and show — are only for children, but they couldn’t be more wrong. When a new Pokemon game is going to be released, go to Game Stop the night of the release, and you will most likely see more teenagers and adults than you will kids. For example, there is a Twitch stream where everyone is allowed to play the game together. This can be chaotic at times but, they recently just beat the game Pokemon Red and are moving on now to try and beat Pokemon Crystal. There are also blogs, drawings and discussion places for Pokemon to spread. People like thinking that they can belong to this world of Pokemon where, even if your not popular among people, your Pokemon can keep you company.

Pokemon has been a big thing in lives of the young and old, and, even with how long its been going on, is still spreading in many different ways. There are still new games and episodes being made and there is always someone to watch them. Netflix is just the next way for Pokemon to spread happiness. If you haven’t tried Pokemon out yet, or just haven’t for a while, try again and at least one thing about it should catch your attention because Pokemon is really for everyone.

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