Art students create bowls for hungry

On Saturday, Feb. 22, nine CFHS art students worked to combat hunger by making bowls.

Seniors Kelsey Hansen, Lara Hetherton, Laura Relph, Trevor Balm-Dillingham, Cassy Herkelman and Stephen Jordan, junior Anne Hetherton and Alex Weidenbacher and CFHS alum Dallas Deery volunteered to help with the Empty Bowls Project, which is a fundraiser of the Northeast Iowa Food Bank, with assistance from art teacher Emily Luensmann.

The bowls made by students for the project will be used in an event where the NE Iowa Food Bank raises awareness and educates the community on the issue of hunger. At the event, patrons buy tickets, select a bowl that has been made and donated by local artists and then use to to enjoy soups made by local chefs with breads and beverages. The event takes place at the UAW Hall in Waterloo on Tuesday, April 29, along with a silent auction and live auction.

Luensmann first became involved with the Empty Bowls Project when she was in college at the University of Northern Iowa, where she helped make bowls for the project. Knowing that she had a lot of talented ceramics students in the school, she contacted the organizer of the project to see if her students “could help out and make bowls,” and they agreed to allow the students to donate bowls.

On Feb. 22, the students spent three hours making bowls, went to lunch and then returned to trim the bottom of the bowls. In the end, they made 40 bowls for the Empty Bowls Project.

“I am very proud of what the students were able to create. It was great getting to see them use what they learned in class to help the community. I could see this becoming an annual event as long as they continue to need the bowls,” Luensmann said.

Luensmann said she believes that art can be incredibly beneficial to the world, whether it be through volunteer work like the Empty Bowls Project or everyday artistry. “Art is everywhere. There are millions of things we can come into contact with every day that had to be designed and created. It is great for the students to make something that will reach a larger audience than just within their classroom.”

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