Junior shares love of photography on Instagram

As Junior Audrey Ehler lines up her subject through the lens of her camera, her finger pushes down the button, freezing the moment for eternity. Although her interest in photography may be relatively new, this doesn’t stop Ehler from seeking out any opportunity available to capture a moment.

“I started taking photos about a year ago when my grandma let me borrow her camera to take pictures of my friends for fun. After that I became more involved with taking photos of people,” Ehler said. 

Ehler documents her work on Instagram, where she takes photos of friends, family and even herself. Some photos are simple and picturesque, with subjects posed in front of nature, while others are more abstract and artistic, featuring origami, glitter, wigs and anything else Ehler can get her hands on. 

When it comes to finding inspiration, Ehler relies on her phone and the world around her. “I typically find my inspiration on Pinterest, or if I am driving around and I see a cool area to shoot at I will write the location down and plan something when it comes to my head,” Ehler said. 

“My favorite photoshoot I have ever done was when my friends and I went to Walmart and bought glitter and wigs. It was out of my comfort zone, but the results were amazing,” Ehler said.

Ehler said that her favorite kinds of photos are candid and highlight relationships that are easy to see through the lens. “I love taking portraits of people, especially groups because I really enjoy capturing reactions and behavior of people when they are surrounded by their friends and loved ones,” Ehler said.

For Ehler, photography provides her with a creative outlet that allows her to meet new people and grow closer to the ones she already knows and loves. “Photography gave me a sense of creativity, and it helped me become more social around people including my friends,” Ehler said. “My favorite part about being a photographer is being able to see smiles and laughter on faces and being able to capture the moment. I also adore seeing people enjoy my photos and creativity.”

While photography may just be a hobby for now, Ehler said she is thinking about incorporating the art somewhere into her future. “I’m planning on taking senior pictures next summer for the class of ’22 and ’23. Other than that, I am still debating on whether to go to art school for photography and videography or medical school.” Ehler said. 

You can find more of Audrey Ehlers photos on her Instagram, @audreyehler.jpeg . 

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