Choir classes move forward despite COVID complications

Under the direction of Eliott Kranz, the choir has put in place COVID procedures to keep everybody safe while still singing. “We are 6 feet apart, and masked while singing,” he said. “We try to limit total singing time to 30 minutes in each class. There are also no chairs in my room, so custodians do not have to do as much cleaning.”

Kranz said in-person concerts aren’t really possible, but ”as of right now. the way in which concerts will be delivered is yet to be determined.”

The number of students in choir is about the same as previous years, even with it being so much different than in the previous years. “Numbers are about the same as they are every year. Choir classes here at the high school are hybrid, so we have students joining us in rehearsal every day via Zoom, so while the numbers in the physical classroom look smaller, we have about the same amount of students participating,” Kranz said. 

Senior Sophia Bailey is in Concert Choir this year. She’s been in choir since 6th grade and evidently loves to sing. Since she is a senior she’ll miss out on some of the things that make a senior year a senior year “being a senior, it is really disappointing that there aren’t any in-person concerts for most of the year, at least. There are quite a few traditions that I’ve looked forward to from watching past seniors my sophomore and junior year. Being a senior in high school only happens once, so it’s sad that it’s not the same.” Bailey said. 

She’s also had to work with covid protocols “ We’re in the auditorium, socially distanced as best as we can with masks on. I think this is the best possible solution for our current situation. Wearing a mask while singing, however, is very challenging.” Bailey said


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