Videogame fans debate myths

So everyone who plays video games hears something ridiculous about them, or something in the game that just sounds weird right? How about we bring out some of the more popular theories about a few games.

Let’s start with some theories about Pokemon. Did you know that, with some research of the games, some gamers believe that humans in the game of humans are actually Pokemon. In the games there are random bookcases scattered in random places of the games. You can sometimes interact with these bookcases and read some Pokemon history. In a piece of Sinnoh Folklore it said that a Pokemon that lived in a forest “shed it’s hide to sleep as a human.” Does that not hint at the fact that Humans are Pokemon?

There’s also the fact that many Pokemon, especially psychic  Pokemon, have the body figure of a human. Don’t forget that fact the in every single game there are trainers you run into that can have psychic powers.

Now here’s something weird about the game Skyrim that everyone knows about because literally every guard talks about it. It’s the strong rise of getting an arrow in the knee, and sadly, it seems to happen to many guards in Skyrim.

What they mean is that they got married and “got an arrow to the knee” when they kneeled down to propose, but maybe they should have used a different saying because this one doesn’t seem to work too well. Would getting an arrow to the knee really be so bad as to make you stop adventuring and end up a boring old city guard? Unless the arrow hit the direct front of the knee, you would only have a ruined tendon that could possibly heal, and if it hit you dead on, you would get a shattered kneecap.

Well, since the world of Skyrim is obviously based off the age of the Vikings, let’s look at a viking arrow. They were so long and power was needed to even fire the bows so that the arrows could penetrate the enemies’ armor, skin and even make it to the horse the guy was riding.

Today surgery could help most of the knee injuries, but back in the Viking age, people believed in spells and magic healing, which wouldn’t help very well. They also cured things by pushing the arrow through until it came out, which meant any bones or muscle in the way was ruined, so it,s sort of a miracle that Skyrim people can even walk.

Now here’s the shocking part: you’re not the one shooting all these guys in the knees and letting them live, right? Have you read that one rule that says the doctor gets a piece of gold for each fragment of bone? So it seems like the doctors of Skyrim are the only ones with any motive.  Why do you not see any doctors in Skyrim? Well, they got rich and moved away somewhere warm leaving the handicapped Skyrim by themselves. Theories are interesting — especially if you look way too far into them.

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