Reflections from the Pool

By: Kaela Avila

Haley Alexander:

“One of my most memorable diving experiences was at Linn-Mar for my double, and I didn’t know if it was going to come on time since I never done it without anyone calling me out of it before. It ended pretty much in the right spot, and I was pretty much surprised afterwards. I didn’t really have a good take off, but it ended up working out. I know I got scored mostly fours, but with my first time competing with it, I’ll take it.

Martee Granger:

“Probably one of my most memorable races was my first highschool meet ever. It was at Holmes and I swam the 100 freestyle. At that time I didn’t really know if I was good at swimming or not. I just always kind of did it, and I just remember not so much of the race, but I remember afterwards how everyone was so excited for me that I had a good time. It was fun and really set up for the season.”

Jade Jacobs: 

“My junior year would have had been the 500 freestyle at State. It was against people all around Iowa, so I just barely made it in, and I didn’t really know what to expect, and I just got really excited before, and with all the people there cheering, it was just a crazy feeling. I was in the last heat so I didn’t really know what to expect, but then I swam really well and moved up a few places. The whole team being there with just so much support; the whole thing was just awesome.”

Brittany Moffatt: 

“It think it was my freshman year at State where I swam my 500 freestyle at Marshalltown. I was very nervous, especially since it was my freshman year and it was horrifying. I was able to see all my teammates cheering me on. The whole thing was very exciting. It felt long and painful, but I didn’t really notice it because of the adrenaline. I didn’t notice anything around me, and I was just really focused on that race. While I swam, I was singing a song I didn’t know before, so it was interesting that I sang it there. At the end I knew from the pain afterwards that I did well and really did try my hardest and (it) really helped me get excited from the years to come.”

Kelly Olsen:

“It was sophomore year, wait no, it was actually my junior year. I finally got my reverse dive after four years of trying to do the stupid dive, and I finally nailed it. I was really shocked coming out of the pool. It was just quite emotional really.”

Natalie Shimp: 

“My most memorable race was probably when I broke the 100 breaststroke record during my junior year for Districts. I actually didn’t  think I would break the record junior year. I kind of went into it with a ‘whatever’ attitude, but then it just felt different than any other swim. It was so unexpected that I would even go that time. I didn’t realize I broke the record until I heard everyone chanting that ‘You got a record!’ My best friend Martee Grainger hugged me, then the team, then my mom, then my boyfriend and all of that. It was really great.”

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