Senior swimmers share thoughts on upcoming season

As the fall season comes to an end so do all of the fall sports. But with winter coming in fast comes all of the winter sports such as mens swimming and wrestling. The mens swim season is just around the corner and with a new season comes a new coach. Because there is a new coach I wanted to ask a few of the senior swimmers what they thought of her and how this season will hopefully turn out.


Alex Babatz – “I think it’ll be ok. I don’t think some of the swimmers and the new coach will get along great, but it will be nice with the od assistant there.”


Tommy Paulson – “I think the new coach is very serious about swimming and will bring a winning culture to our team. I believe this winning culture will help our team greatly this winter and we will have a great season.”


Randy Zhang – “I haven’t really formed an opinion on the new coach because I’ve never met her in person, but I’ve heard good things about her from coaches that I know and other swimmers. I would say that we have a good team that works hard and likes to compete. I think that we have a good chance at getting some swimmers to state and doing well at districts.”


Connor Woods – “Coach’s dedication to making the womens team great makes me excited for what we can do. WE ARE COMING FOR DOWLING.”

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