Athlete of the Week: JayVon Ratleff

  1. For you, what was a highlight of your most recent competition? 

Most recently for basketball, finishing third down at State.

  1. What makes your sport special and different? 

I think basketball is one of the sports that requires being really good mentally. You have to be able to flush out the bad things quickly.

  1. How long have you been into this sport, and what were the early days of your participation? 

I’ve been playing basketball since I could walk, and the early days of my participation was AAU basketball.

  1. How did/do you cope with any setbacks/losses you’ve experienced in your sport? 

I realized we were fortunate enough to make it that far down at State. and knowing we had another chance the following year.

  1. Who has been particularly influential in helping your growth in this sport? Why? 

My father. He’s the one who got me involved in basketball the most.

  1. What do you do to prepare yourself before a game? 

I listen to my gametime playlist, which consists of Polo G, King Von, Chief Keef and Tee Grizzley.

  1. How do you work on improving your skills in this sport? 

I work in the offseason a lot.

  1. What’s a personal skill that you are targeting lately?

My defense.

  1. Do you have plans to play this sport after high school, what are those plans? 

I want to play college sports for either basketball or football, whatever opportunity presents itself.

  1. What’s the most rewarding thing about your sport? 

The relationships I make with my teammates.

  1. What has been a highlight for you/your team so far this season?

Being able to practice.

  1. As you see it, what are the biggest tests remaining for you/your team yet this season?

Staying healthy and making the right choices outside of school.

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