Soccer team finds new home in Sportsplex

By: Dino Odobasic

The CFHS soccer team is having its annual indoor soccer practice for all players looking to try out for the soccer team.

Players are split up into two to four teams, depending on how many people show up and play against one another.

Head coaches and assistant coaches watch the players’ skills and think about recruiting for the JV, freshman/sophomore or varsity teams.

Spencer Steffy will be coaching the varsity team this year. Wade Timmons will be coaching the JV team this year, and Harrison Brocka will be coaching the freshmen/sophomore team.

Junior student Leo Brocka, Harrison Brocka’s brother, has been a part of the varsity team for two years so far and is looking forward to trying to make it to varsity once again this year, despite having surgery on his shoulder. “I’m just playing my heart out and trying to recover,” Leo Brocka said.

Sophomore Ami Ikanovic is working hard for a spot on the freshman/sophomore team.

“I think I would be a big help to the team this year,” Ikanovic said.

Ikanovic was on the freshmen/sophomore team his freshman year, and he’s hoping to earn his spot once more.

“If all goes well I’ll be out on the field with my fellow teammates kickin’ butt at some soccer,” Ikanovic said.

Junior Connor Houlihan played on the JV team last year and is looking forward to showing his skills off to the coaches and earning a spot on the varsity team.

“I’ve been practicing like crazy,” Houlihan said.

Indoor soccer is held at either the CFHS gym, if it is available, or at the NU gym.

All information about the soccer season or about the indoor soccer times and dates can be located at the men’s soccer website:

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