To live and to love: The power of love delivers simple solutions

TurtleBy: Allie Taiber

Step back, fall deep into your soul and think.

Envision a person, a song, a God, an accomplishment, a moment in time, something that caused you to feel an overwhelming sense of worth. Something that made you feel as though nothing else mattered; nobody or nothing could come between you and this “good.”

As you anticipate it’s departure, you must know it does not have to leave. For this feeling lives alongside you whether you chose to feel it or not. It’s an emotion that human beings have shared with each other since the beginning of time. An everlasting emotion and energy we all have in common within this Universe; it’s called love.

Many of us stand without it. For years we’ve let the corrupting world take the wheel; we’ve let it show us what to think, how to think and how to live in the eyes of negativity.

As high schoolers we often give into the stress and worry of it all. “How will I pass this class? Is she prettier than me? What do I have to do in order to be remembered as ‘cool’?” Well the answer is simple, you see. The simplicity of living in contentment is no hard task.

Stop worrying about things outside of your control. Stop looking down and look up. Stop questioning and searching for the “right” or “normal” thing to do, for it’s only found within. Just live; it’s all there is do.

The next time you sit and think to yourself, “Nobody loves me,” think about all of the things that YOU love about yourself. Seek out the good in all the bad. You’ll never be unloved if you’re in love with life itself.

You must learn to love yourself prior to living in love. You are a life, put onto this Earth for whatever reason you give it. But you are here, and you can do so much. One can change a person, community or the world. This is your story, and it’s up to you what you do with it. Life’s experiences make us who we are; it’s your job to love yourself and to then make the most out of every opportunity that stands before you.

Fall in love with yourself, and then fall in love with life. Love life, and life will love you back. Find your passions, your interests and run with them. Find someone else with those passions and share your story. This world revolves on one another’s stories. When sharing a story, you give a piece of your soul.

Whether you love animals, books, people or music, that love is shared amongst many. That deep dynamic connection you feel with a song may be shared in the same way with someone on the other side of the globe. People all around the world feel what you feel. You are not alone.

In the end, whatever you believe, we are one, and we are sacred. Embrace your grin triggering, heartwarming and stomach tingling emotions. Because you are full of life, full of potential, full of love and you will be something remarkable.

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