Recent USA out highlights lesson for flag etiquette

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It’s been a great athletic season here at Cedar Falls so far, but Tigers, we need to talk about the weekly student section themes.

Yes, everyone enjoys getting hyped up for the game donning fancy clothes, a certain color, putting leis around our necks or disappearing into thin air when we wear camo, but the USA out got a bit out of control, despite all the fun we had.

The American flag is a strong symbol of our nation; therefore, it’s important we respect the flag and the meaning behind it. This has to be spoken about because at the Patriot out night at home on Sept. 11, some people were wearing the American flag as capes, and this showed a need for a lesson in flag etiquette.

Now you can’t take this personally, Tigers, but it’s a bit disrespectful to use the flag that way. It shows disrespect for people who buried their family members who served. It’s disrespectful to the veterans who lost appendages or came home with post traumatic stress disorder.

It’s disrespectful because it can be trailed on the ground, stained, ripped or pick up any other general damages. Since the flag is the symbol of our nation, it’s like trailing America on the ground, staining America and even ripping America to shreds.

It’s awesome that the student section wants to show pride in America, but using it as a costume just isn’t a good way to do it.  A good way to sport America is wear red white and blue, just not our flag.



… let the flag touch the ground for any reason. This again is like dragging our nation on the ground. 

… fly the flag upside down unless it is an emergency. 

… carry the flag flat, or use it to carry things. 

… use the flag as a clothing or costume. This can be taken as a joke. 

… store the flag where it can get dirty. 

… use the flag as a cover. 

… fasten it or tie it back. Let it flow freely, like the rights the soldiers fought for. 

… draw on our flag or mark it in anyway. This shows disrespect by trying to modify the representation of our nation. 

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