Check out Lexbot for costume ideas

By: Alyssa Dekutoski

Halloween is coming up and many people want to go for the scary look to frighten the young children that come up to their doors at night, but what should you be? A zombie? A witch? A character from American Horror Story Hotel?

No, let’s give these things an interesting twist with the help of Lexbot, a makeup artist on YouTube, and her amazingly creepy channel called Madeyewlook where viewers can watch her transform her body into many characters that may fit your particular interests.

My favorite videos were her horror-type designs. She is pretty creative, though I sort of wish she would do more designs that were more of her own creation.

Lexi does a lot of inspired stuff and has a cool voice. She likes a lot of the new TV shows that are going on and likes superheroes. Also, her intros are really cool; she acts or moves like the character she is portraying, along with fitting music. Her humor in the videos is pretty funny too.

Overall, I definitely recommend this channel for when you need to use makeup to transform yourself into a character of the unimaginable.

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