Students recommend Halloween movies

It’s been a tradition to watch horror movies during Halloween. What could add to the Halloween spirit more than some good horror movies? Whether it’s classics from the ’70s and ’80s, modern works made by individual artists, intense thrillers or uncomfortable silence, there is plenty of variety for those looking for some good horror films to view. Below is a list of students and their favorite horror films. 

  1. Sophomore Madeline Northrup

Any of the Halloween Michael Myers movies (except for the 3rd one without the original characters), Conjuring movies and The Black Phone. 

The Halloween movies are so old and almost bad I think they are funny. The Conjuring actually freaks me out. The Black Phone is the newest, and I think it’s a super good movie. Halloween is a very popular movie series that has lasted for so long. 

  1. Junior Ed Lin

Backrooms: Found Footage by Kane Pixels. 

I don’t like blood or gore. This has none while still adding that eerie feeling that something is in these damp yellow walls that never seem to end. The short 12-minute video puts a heavy focus on foreshadowing the unknown. On top of that, it’s put in a POV shot as if you are actually walking through the Backrooms. There is no gore, yet it provides more of a scare than most movies because you as the audience can tell there is something in the Backrooms, yet you can’t see it and can only speculate what makes such horrendous sounds. The environment in the video is also very well set and fitting of the story. Damp yellow walls and buzzing ceiling lights add to the creepy office feel.


  1. Junior Riley Bridgeman

Scream (1996)

I love the suspense, and every time I watch it, I can always find something I missed previously. I personally think the original Scream is the best out of the entire franchise. None of them have come close to being as good. There are so many reasons to love this film. There are many things that set Scream apart from other horror movies, both the original and the franchise have many things that set them apart from others. My favorite detail, which is easily missed, is that both of the killers have their own style when it comes to offing their victims; when re-watching the film you can determine who was behind the mask in each scene based on their demeanor and technique. The franchise in general is top tier, most horror movie franchises have the same killer that they recycle and give the same motive for their killings, but have new killers every time, with different reasons for killing their victims, but the same underlying motive: wanting to recreate the original work and finish Billy and Stu’s plan in the first film.

  1. Senior Tanvi Khadiya

Sleepy Hollow

I love that it isn’t just a horror movie filled with jumpscares and demon nuns. There’s actually a plotline. The setting and time period are really interesting, and Johnny Depp as Ichabod makes it even more enjoyable. It’s not a regular slasher movie, nor does it have unnecessary jump scares. The story is unique and actually interesting to watch, and there are funny parts as well as truly terrifying parts. 

  1. Sophomore Ruthie Haynes

The Thing (1982)

The premise is unique, the practical effects are amazing and I think the way it reflects societal fears at the time is really interesting. I think the increase in CGI in horror movies limits the creativity displayed by older movies like this one. It’s not really something I can put into words—watch it for yourself.

  1. Junior Ren Barnett (junior)

Jeepers Creepers 

It’s the first ever horror movie I have ever watched, and it’s really good. Other horror movies are focused on usually one-story lines.  For example, Scream, Chucky, Michael Myers, etc.  Jeepers Creepers spreads out through different years.

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