Check out these books for Halloween scares

October is dominated by horror movie fans rewatching their favorites and enjoying new releases, but where’s the love for the book fans? Well, the Tiger Hi-Line has got you covered with a list of the best horror novels available in the CF library.

The Getaway is a horror dystopia novel published in 2022 by Lamar Giles. The outside world is falling apart but all things considered, Jay has it good. He is a live-in-worker in a resort for the wealthy to escape the dystopia outside. Maybe it would be more fun to not have to serve all the vacationers, but it’s not too bad. Until his co-worker and friend disappear in the middle of the night, the wealthy start pouring in, and they aren’t leaving, leaving him and his co-workers at their total beck and call. 

The story features a Black protagonist and all-Black cast and explores capitalism and the exploitation of workers all written by a Black author. Black characters are often mistreated in horror, and the dominating producers and publishers are White, making this book a unique read and proving that horror can be for all. 

Tiffany Jackson is a Black woman making YA Novels with Black female protagonists. She has made mysteries and realistic fiction before, but we are highlighting her horror novels White Smoke (2021) and The Weight of Blood (2022). White Smoke follows a girl named Marigold who is excited to escape the ghosts of her pasts as her new “blended” family moves into a picture-perfect renovated house, even if she has to share it with her bratty 10-year-old step-sister, but strange things happen that only she seems to notice, and her stepsister keeps on talking about a new “friend,” and it gives her the creeps.

As the house closes in on her, she learns the past isn’t so easily avoided. And The Weight of Blood is a historical fiction book exploring America’s legacy of racism. The Springville residents that are still alive have one answer for what happened on prom night. Maddy did it. Maddy is an outcast at her high school and has been passed as white to please her racist father. Her classmates constantly bully her, but she has a secret. One that is going to cost them their lives. 

The #murdertrending series by Gretchen McNeil are mystery horror dystopia books set in the same universe that question how far will humanity go to get some good entertainment, starting with #murdertrending where honest citizens can watch executions live on Alcatraz 2.0 via an app. Dee Guerrera has to prove her innocence before the executioners kill her for a murder she didn’t commit. #murderfunding and it’s hit reality show WHO WANTS TO BE A PAINIAC, the show where on they hunt for the next big serial killer. Becca Martinello lands on the show to learn more about her mother, who was a famous serial killer and the prequel #noescape popularized all the gruesome entertainment in this cannon with a viral escape room challenge. Where the protagonist Persey has to work together with other teens if she wants the cash and to survive. 


Of, course I had to recommend Stephen King. Although his work isn’t without flaws, he has been a dominating figure in horror novels and has had many of his books adapted to film, uniting film fans and book fans alike.

His most popular novel has been It. According to senior Conner Trunnel, It is about “An entity from beyond this world contains the ability to shape shift into people’s biggest fears: spiders, clowns, etc. I like the book due to its cruel and unforgiving storytelling that feels more natural than most books,” but get ready for a long read with this one as both parts one and two combined are 1000+ pages long!


Senior Kadence King recommended Later by Stephen King, “It’s a horror/thriller that keeps on giving. I liked it because it was not like anything I’d ever read before. It’s about a younger boy writing about his past. He has a secret that only a few know, and he is able to help out in situations.” Though this book isn’t currently in the library. It would be worth buying or you could always ask the library to get it.

Stephen King has made so many books that if you don’t like these, you’ll probably find one that suits your taste. 

Stephanie Perkins broke out of her realistic romance writing shell to try horror/mystery and she did not disappoint. As junior Riley Bridgeman puts it, “There’s Someone Inside Your House by Stephanie Perkins. It is an amazing murder mystery type book. I loved this book because it kept me on the edge of my seat wanting more. I read the book within two hours, only putting it down due to shock. I initially got this book from my school’s library, but have recently purchased it from Amazon to read it again. I’ve read it about four times. The story starts out from the point of view of the murderer’s first victim, recounting her final hours before she is brutally murdered, then switches to the main character, a young girl named Makani Young, who recently moved in with her grandmother in Nebraska, quickly becoming involved in identifying the killer. The story follows along as the killer exposes their victim’s darkest secrets to the entire town.”

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