Diaz dominating Tiger defense

By: Jason Rathjen

Senior linebacker Adrian Diaz is defying all the odds. Growing up in one of the most dangerous countries in the world, Honduras, and moving all across the country with an unstable home life, he should not be where he is at today, but Diaz does not let the doubters define him. He is a flourishing athlete both on the pitch, the gridiron and in the weight room.

Recently, Diaz broke the all time school squat record with a superhuman 515-pound squat. As a comparison, the average ATV weighs around 550 pounds. The previous record was 510 pounds set by Dylan Bane back in 2008. “It felt great because it shows that the hard work I’ve been putting in the weight room paid off for me,” Diaz said.

Diaz also plays outside linebacker for the football team. Diaz’s power and aggression give him the ability to lay the hammer down on opposing players. Diaz has tallied up an impressive 74 tackles and 13.5 tackles for loss on the season, two big reasons why he is in the lead for the team’s Golden Hammer award.

The Golden Hammer, which began in 1988, goes to the most outstanding defensive player on the team. A player accumulates points based on certain statistics, and whoever has the most points at the end of the season wins the award. Players are awarded seven points for a solo tackle, four for an assisted tackle, 10 points for a sack, 10 points for a fumble recovery and 10 points for an interception.

“The system motivates players to make impact plays within the team concept,” head coach Brad Remmert said. “It encourages players to get around the football to make plays.” The Golden Hammer is a symbol of pride for the winner and gives the underclassmen something to look forward to competing for.

Diaz fits the mold of past Golden Hammer winners like Jared Halterman and Jared Farley. He is an impact player on the defense and has the will and determination to go after the award. “He has a huge impact on the game. He always makes big plays when we need them,” sophomore defensive tackle Keegan Larson said.

Diaz is the fuel that drives the tradition of previous Tiger defenses. “I credit God and all the coaches and people he has put in my life at Cedar Falls. Coaches like Dirk Homewood, Will Carter and Brad Remmert,” Diaz said. He is beating the odds and making the most of his outstanding high school athletic career.

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