Do you think Hawkeye football will ‘win out’?

By: Drew Walker

Luke Johnson 10th

“I feel like it’s a great thing to see at least one Iowa team doing great in football. Hopefully they can keep up the good work, and I believe they will stay undefeated if they continue to play how they’ve been playing.”

Kelsie Loughren 12th

“I love watching the Hawks have a great season so far. I think they deserve every bit of it. I hope we’ll stay in the top 25, but I’m not sure because we do have some very tough games coming up that they probably will lose, but my hopes are high.”

Spencer Williams 12th

“I couldn’t be happier about the Hawks being undefeated. It’s also a great feeling knowing I’ll be playing there next year. I’ve been to all the home games and in the locker room after all of them as well, and the players couldn’t be happier with how things are going right now. I think them winning the rest of their games is very doable. It’s not a super easy schedule to end the year on, but it’s also not the most difficult. I would not be surprised if they accomplished that, and I can’t wait to see how the rest of the season goes for them.”

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