Feminism column kicks off

By: Olivia Martin

Last year, there was some drama surrounding what feminism really means.

According to a lot of guys on Twitter, some female students were being too vocal. Some women in the high school were standing up for themselves and explaining that, no, they are not Feminazis or in favor of female superiority. They just want equality.

Coincidently, equality is the root of the feminist perspective. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the primary definition of feminism is “the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities.” So, why is feminism getting such a bad reputation when all it entails is equality between the men and women?

With half-joking yet half-very-real groups popping up on the Internet like the “meninist” movement, it’s plain to see that some people think feminism is something to laugh about. A running joke among some is to command a woman to “Make me a sandwich.” Most people think it’s hilarious when a guy runs or throws something like a girl.

But, is inequality funny? Is implying that women are only good for making sandwiches right? When men are emasculated and compared to women, is it a laughing matter?

There is obviously some cultural discrepancy over the rights men and women deserve, which is why the goal of this column is to spread awareness about the many obstacles women face just because they are women. I will predominantly cover issues concerning women’s rights; however, most of the time, men are tied to these issues as well. I believe it is important to publish information about women’s sides of things because what is so heavily represented in the media and our collective social consciousness is mostly the male perspective.

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