Patriots, Packers among reliable picks in Week 6 for fantasy football picks

By: Aston Cross

Top 3 QB’s 

for week 6

Tom Brady

Brady has been one of the best quarterbacks this year, so it’s no surprise he’s at number one, and since he’s already had his bye week, you can start for the end of the season. It’s going to be a hard week playing the Colts, but he’s been unstoppable since the start of the season. He hasn’t thrown a pick at all, so this week that is why I think Brady will go for 20+ points this week.

Aaron Rodgers

Rodgers is playing the Chargers this week after he threw two picks last week against the Rams, who have a stellar defense. So how is he going to do this week against the Chargers? I have a strong feeling Rodgers is going to have a good game because he is so good, so I predict he will go for 20+ points this week

Josh McCown 

Josh McCown has been on fire, so if you’re looking to pick up a new QB, I suggest you pick him up. He has thrown for 300+ yards. Sure, you could say, “Why McCown? He’s not a great quarterback,” but I’m just predicting he will get you points this week, so why not see? So with that, I predict that McCown will go for 15+ points this week.

Top 3 WR’s 

for week 6

Odell Beckham Jr.

No surprise he’s on this list as he has been a monster in the league for only being his second year, but this week is going to be a hard week for him as he plays against the Eagles who are in the top 10 defense in the league, so don’t expect a lot of points, but you’ll still get the points you want out of him, so I predict he will get 15+ points this week.

Larry Fitzgerald 

Fitzgerald is a veteran receiver who has hands like nobody else. With a killer offensive game behind Carson Palmer with them facing up against the Steelers who have a hard time against stopping teams with the pass, they are going to attack the air. With him second in total points for receiving this year, why wouldn’t he have a hot game? So, I predict FItzgerald will get around 15+ points this week.

James Jones

So with Jordy Nelson out for the year, the Packers need a second star receiver this year, and Jones steps up. He has the fourth most points this year for fantasy. The Packers play the Chargers this week, and with Rodgers as your quarterback, you’re always going to look good. It’s what he does, so I predict that Jones will get 15+ points this week.

Top 3 RB’s 

for week 6

Matt Forte

Matt Forte is one of the best complete backs in the league today, so it’s no surprise that he gets a lot of points. He can attack the running game but can also hurt you with receiving, so he is a constant threat to defenses. He plays the Lions this week, and let’s be honest, the Lions defense isn’t the best at all. Forte has had to step up with all the injuries the Bears have this year. I predict that he will get 20+ points this week.

David Johnson

Johnson is beasting and feasting for fantasy points all year. He is the best rookie running back this year. He isn’t a starter for the Cards, but he does deliver the touchdowns you want from him. He lives for the touchdowns, and he is the power back for the Cards. He has great field vision, so I predict that he will get around 15+ points this week.

Giovani Bernard

Bernard is a player to look for in week 6 against the Bills. Sure, you could argue Bills have one of the best defenses in the league, but the Bengals are not afraid of big defense. Look what they did to the Seahawks last week. The Bengals rely on their passing game, but that doesn’t work without a running game also to keep the defense on its toes, so with that, I predict that he will get around 15+ points this week

Top 3 Defenses 

for week 6


The Broncos have the best defense in the league. They have been number one for the last three weeks, and they average 17.6 point per game. They play the Browns next week and have averaged 26.4 points against them.  The Broncos averaged 3.2 turnovers per game, so I predict that they will get 15+ this week.


So Seattle. They have made you happy, and they have made you mad. Last week against the Bengals they blew a 17-point lead that was an embarrassment for the team. They have only averaged 1.2 turnovers per game. They play selfish, but they need a win, and this game against Carolina won’t be easy, but if anyone can snap the perfect record, then it will be the Seattle defense, so I predict that they will get 12+ points this week.


Patriots are one of the best defenses that doesn’t allow a lot of points against them. Teams only average 19 points against them, placing them as a top 10 defense in the league. They are the most well-rounded defense, and looking to the Colts with Andrew Luck playing, it won’t be easy. With that I predict that they will earn 10+ points this week

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