Administration reveals new plans to ensure Power Hour success

By: Allie Taiber

Teachers and administration are buckling down for next semester’s Power Hour. They’re determined to make struggling students be as productive as possible.

The original idea was to provide a guaranteed time for students to have easy access to all staff in any subject, to study, interact, or hang out with whomever they please.

But for some, the period of freedom hasn’t come easy. Conflicting issues of time management, motivation and responsibility have challenged some CFHS students.

To fix the gap, administrators recently created a step by step plan for academic success (see photo).

From direct teacher instruction to having a strict support plan, the Power Hour culture is continuing to evolve.

With the goal of helping students to succeed academically, assistant principal Troy Becker is optimistic about improving the program.

“Students are now realizing that it’s their time. We’ve seen gradual increases of students staying with their teachers, but we want to make things even better. As an administrator, our goal is to see them prevail,” Becker said.

Referral slips will now be distributed to those who need them, and if they don’t oblige, larger consequences will follow such as calling home, suspension, alternative school and other options.

“Some students are their worst enemies. The more you get behind, the harder it is to catch up. We now have something set up that will help them,” Becker said.

Now that things are set in place, more people understand it and the have steps that will be taken to address slacking.

“We want to ensure all the academic support. As long as they take advantage of it, it’s there,” Becker said.

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