Dead pool delivers R-rated thrills

By: Tyler Campbell

Ever since Ryan Reynolds made his film debut as the “merc with the mouth,” fans have been begging for his return. Fans finally got their wish this weekend as Deadpool graced the big screen in his own movie, and they weren’t let down.

The movie grossed the most money for an R-rated movie in an opening weekend, making $135 million. Along with its box office earnings, it has received critical acclaim from the website Rotten Tomatoes giving it an 84% fresh ranking. This success has led to a confirmed Deadpool sequel and Reynolds reprising his role in the X-men spinoff X-Force.

So what made this movie so good? The first thing is the obvious R-rating. The character of Deadpool was meant to be portrayed in a “no-filter” context and say whatever comes to his mind.

The next thing that fans enjoyed was the fourth wall breaks where Deadpool talked to the audience. He would also subtly drop hints about his past movies.

Finally the best thing of the movie is the opening movie fight scene. It was not only funny, witty and gore-filled, but the opening sequence was also a double-edged sword as none of the other action sequences in the movie compared to the first one. Next it had a lot of flashbacks in it, which did drive the storyline although it did cause some confusion while watching the movie.

A number of students contributed to the big opening weekend. Junior Madi Dempster said, “I thought it was funny with some adult humor, and it was fun to see with my friends.” Junior Matt Timmer said, “It was amazing and hilarious. The movie stayed true to the Deadpool character as well.”

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