‘Naruto’ sends naughty hero on quest for redemption

By: Noah Forker

In the anime of “Naruto,” Naruto Uzumaki is causing trouble as he always does. He goes too far one day and gets punished harshly and ends up dragging the rest of his class down. After passing some trials, he gets assigned to a team with his crush, Sakura Haruno, and his bitter rival, Sasuke Uchiha. Their first test to prove they’re worthy is to get two bells from their sensi. However, whoever doesn’t get a bell, gets no lunch. How will the “friends” fare against this challenge?

In the manga of “Naruto,” the first chapter opens with Naruto up to his usual tricks, causing trouble around the village and such. On this specific day, he went too far and graffitied a sacred monument. After getting caught by his teacher, he is punished. After failing his graduation exam, one of his teachers tells him that if he steals a sacred scroll from the Hokage’s Library, that he will be able to pass. Will Naruto succeed in getting the scroll? Will the forbidden power locked in this scroll really help him?

Overall, both the anime and manga are more or less the same. The only major difference is several words that probably just got translated differently. Also, one scene that looks awesome in the manga doesn’t come until later, while it’s shown right off the bat in the anime.

Both are more or less the same, but because of how awesome the fight scenes look, I’m going to have to say I like the anime better.

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