How to: Make a Terrarium

By Olivia Martin

Terrariums are nice reminders of the beauty of nature to have around your home, and they are surprisingly easy to make!

You will need: 

A glass container

Pebbles or gravel

Slightly larger stones




Before you begin, you will need to get yourself a glass container. Glass containers specifically for terrariums are an option, but they can be expensive, so you can also use an old coffee pot or other thrift store find as an alternative. Then, get some small pebbles, larger stones and sand.

You will also need to find plants for your terrarium, which is the fun part! The plants should complement each other and be able to thrive in similar environments. Some plants that will work well in terrariums include mosses, Baby’s Tears, African Violets and Creeping Fig. Remember that terrariums can trap moisture, creating a humid environment. Any plants that do well in humid environments and need little light are great for terrariums. Succulents and cacti can also grow in terrariums; however, it is better to use an open container to reduce humidity.

Once you have your materials, you can begin!

Step 1Start by putting a handful of the small pebbles into your empty container.

Step 2Pour a thin layer of sand on top of the pebbles.

Step 3Add a layer of soil to the mix. The amount of soil should be the thickest layer yet. At this point, what is in your terrarium should be about one-third the height of the container.

Step 4Place your plants in the soil. Start with the largest plants and then add the smaller ones. Make sure not to over plant!


If you so choose, you can put tiny figurines, geodes, colored stones or any other decorative elements to your terrarium for extra flair.

Remember to water your terrarium weekly, and to not put it in direct sunlight. Enjoy!


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