Iowa business program signs up two CFHS juniors

Juniors Izzie Armstrong and Megan Lumetta were recently accepted to the annual Tippie Gateway Program at the University of Iowa from June 27-July 1.

This is a free program for juniors from diverse backgrounds or who come from a school that is underrepresented in business. Not only does the program help with promoting business, it also helps students understand what it is like to live on campus and discover career opportunities in business by hearing from Tippie alumni and business professionals.

The program allows students to explore six different forms of business: accounting, business analytics and information systems, economics, finance, management and marketing.

“I decided I wanted to possibly major in business, and this camp is on a college campus, and it will give me a leg up on everyone else,” Armstrong said. “I got started with business when I took a personal finance class, and i found it really interesting. I really liked the stock project that we did.”

Armstrong and Lumetta are both part of the business program at Cedar Falls and also joined DECA. For them, the Tippie Gateway Program was the next step for them to further their business careers.

Lumetta’s sister, who is a member of Tippie, explained to Megan what they would be doing and convinced Megan to join the program.

“It seemed like a smart move because I plan on majoring in business and most likely going to Iowa,” Lumetta said. “I got involved with business at the high school by taking almost all of the business classes here, but what really sparked my interest was intro to business and DECA. They both are very fun, and I highly recommend them for anyone remotely interested in something regarding business.”

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