Recent transgender mandate sparks states rights debate: States should determine limits of bathroom privacy

By: Brennan Kohls

Last Friday, the Obama administration sent out a letter to states advising schools to be inclusive of any students who “identify different than their birth sex.” The letter stems from the ongoing controversy over North Carolina’s new law that its citizens must use the bathroom of the gender specified on their birth certificate.

The letter brought about a firestorm from conservatives everywhere. The issue not only being males going into a women’s bathrooms because they think they’re a female, but because the ruling questioned the authority of states’ rights against a large federal government.

In the letter, the administration threatened to pull federal aid unless schools “treat students consistent with their gender identity even if their education records or identification documents indicate a different sex.”

So, basically, if I said I identify as a girl, the school must allow me to use the girls’ locker room, or they will receive no money from the federal government, and it’s Democrats who accuse Republicans of being anti-education.

You know the federal government is too big when they begin to strong arm states just to advance their own agenda, but threatening to pull federal funding from schools because of fairly local issues is a huge violation of states’ rights. The Justice Department is suing North Carolina for civil rights violations, but we all know that this is purely political. It’s because North Carolina is taking a stand for what’s right and is standing up against President Obama.

Besides the obvious issue of states’ rights and the size and power of the federal government, let’s take a look at the issue itself, the fact that a 40-year-old man can go into the same bathroom as a five-year-old little girl, just because he feels that he is a woman. If that last sentence didn’t ring any alarms, then evidently you need to open your eyes.

The large department store chain Target, recently announced last April that they are opening their bathrooms to everyone and anyone, essentially inviting crime. A petition garnered over one million signatures from everyday Americans vowing to not shop at the store again because everyone else can see how much trouble this could bring upon its customers.

We’ve seen assaults and crimes happen before because someone claimed to be “transgender.” In February of 2016, a man in Seattle gained access to a women’s locker room at a local swimming pool citing a recent law in Washington that allows the choice of facilities based on what gender you “identify” with. In the locker room at the time, were young girls changing for swimming practice.

In early March, a man in Toronto abused several women at a women’s shelter shower facility after claiming to be “transgender.” Just imagine if that was a member of your family being abused by a guy who claims that he’s a woman. So obviously these policies are dangerous to women, but keep in mind that supposedly it’s conservatives who are waging a “war on women.”

The Obama administration and the federal government are abusing their power. They are strong arming states into complying with their liberal agenda and trampling our rights as states. Their agenda is also dangerous to everyday Americans too. It’s so obvious how these policies could be abused for evil, but yet there is still support for it from the people who claim they fight for women and accuse the opposing party of starting a “war on women.”

This is just another prime example of how liberals live in their own little fantasy world, a Utopia where nothing goes wrong, and everyone does the right thing. Unfortunately, this is the real world, where real things happen, and real people get hurt.

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