DIY jellies deliver jiggly suds for bath tubs

By Sydney See

LUSH Cosmetics is the perfect place to get unique products for your bath and shower experience. However, the closest one to Cedar Falls is in Des Moines, but don’t worry. You can make some of their products very easily and cheaply on your own. 

Their shower jellies are an interesting take on the composition of soap — fun to mess with and very simple to make by yourself. Here is the step by step process of creating these fun and jiggly soaps. 

 1. Gather all your materials. You’ll need: 1 packet of unflavored Gelatin (packets come within boxes), ½ tsp of salt, ¾ cup of boiling water, ½ cup of body wash (gel soap is recommended), OPTIONAL: food coloring, a mold (I used a mini cupcake tray), a spoon, a mixing bowl, measuring cups.

2. Pour one packet of unflavored gelatin into a mixing bowl and add the ¾ cup of boiling water. Mix until it has no chunks and even consistency. After that, mix the salt in and mix once again until you have a smooth consistency.

 3. Add the ½ cup of body soap into the already existing mixture. Mix this until all the ingredients look even and there are no chunks.

4. There isn’t a photo for this step, but there was added food coloring to give it more of a turquoise color. This is completely optional.

5. Pour the mixture carefully into your mold. Then, put the mold into the refrigerator for about four hours. Keeping it in longer is optional.

7. After taking it out, carefully place your finger on top of the jelly and pull at the sides so it becomes loose, and after doing so, the soaps are complete. When they’re not being used, keep them somewhere cold like your fridge so they stay fresh.

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