Let’s turn up the heat on Rett Syndrome, turn out for Elser’s Chili Cookoff

Here’s an invite for everyone.

Join PE teacher Paul Elser and his wife Carrie on Oct. 8 for a family friendly chili cook off fundraiser to help bring awareness on Rett syndrome and funds to find a cure.  

Rett syndrome is a rare non-inherited genetic neurological disorder that occurs almost exclusively in young girls. This disorder leads to severe impairments, affecting nearly all aspects of a girl’s’ life: ability to walk, eat, talk or even breathe fluently.

The Elser’s daughter Kylie will be turning 16 years old on Oct. 4, so the family is hosting a chili cook off Saturday, Oct. 8 from 5-7 p.m.

The IRSF is a four-star charity that provides family empowerment, and funds cutting edge research into Rett syndrome and educational support.

“Her biggest obstacle is fighting seizures,” Elser said. “She takes three medications a day to help control them. The downside is that they make her drowsy, which sometimes makes it difficult for her to participate the way she wants to.”

Their dream is that some day their daughter will live a life that is free of seizures, and she will be surrounded by those who believe in her potential.

We try to focus on what Kylie can do and help improve her quality of life as much as possible,” Elser said. “We want her to have the same experiences as any other student at school and home.”

The family stays positive throughout the battle by focusing on the good things life has to bring, looking forward on what they can do for Kylie and what she wants.

The first year this event raised $5,000, and last year they ended up raising $10,963 and overall. The family has raised about $50,000 over the seven years they have been hosting the event.

There will be a variety of chilis (white, green, vegetarian, spicy and more), kids games, a bouncy house, a silent auction and a raffle.

The Elser’s most booming chili cook off of the season will be at 2819 Willow Lane, so please share, bring a friend and help them make this their most successful year.

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