Mons-terrific Music & Movies: 5 claw-esome spooky movies

Looking for that perfect family friendly Halloween movie that any age will enjoy? Here’s a spooktacular list of a few movies that add just the right amount of thrill to spice up your movie night. So pass the candy-corn and get ready to jump out of your seat with a night full of watching movies with your boo friend.

Hocus Pocus (1993):

A boy named Max moves to Salem, Mass., where he explores an abandoned house with his sister and friends. Legend says the house had been lived in by witches. He unleashes the three evil witches who lived in the house centuries ago. Max goes on an adventure on Halloween night trying to put the witches back into their grave before they release the spell to live forever. Along the way, he finds help from a boy turned cat to help steal the spell book back, but will they make it back before times runs out at midnight?

Frankenstein (1931):

As one of the most notable characters in Halloween history, Frankenstein is the story of a mad scientist who wants to create life through dead body parts sewn together. The monster comes alive as it is struck by lightning but is confused. Frankenstein runs away into the country and starts destroying things. The doctor searches high and low, trying to find his monstrous creature.

Casper (1995):

A teen named Kat moves into a haunted mansion with her father to explore and try to communicate with the ghosts, and Casper is among the four ghosts who occupy this house. Casper is friendly and doesn’t want to scare the humans unlike his three uncles. Casper is also a teenage boy ghost who soon falls in love with Kat as they communicate more. Casper’s three uncles are up to no good and cause trouble around the mansion, scaring people away.

The Haunted Mansion (2003):

A family trip is planned by a father who is conflicted after hearing that he may be neglecting his two kids and spending too much time at work (real estate). While on their way to the family’s vacation spot, they wander upon a spooky looking haunted mansion that the father has been asked to sell. Somehow, while trying to leave, they get sucked into helping the haunted people of the mansion break a curse to finally know the truth of the mansion and release their spirits so they can finally rest in peace.

Hotel Transylvania (2012):

Dracula, among other iconic Halloween characters, runs a resort just for monsters, ghouls, ghosts and everything in between to relax and take a load off. There is only one rule at the hotel which is no humans allowed. Dracula’s daughter Mavis has just turned 118, which is a big step for a vampire becoming an adult. Mavis’s Father throws an amazing birthday party inviting all creatures around, but unexpectedly Mavis meets a human and falls deeply in love, disobeying her father’s wishes.

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