Disturbed’s B-sides worth exploration

The Lost Children. The name could imply many things, but what it truly means to David Draiman and the rest of the band is simply a compilation of the band’s B-side songs, or their ‘children,’ since they can’t pick a favorite. The album was released in late 2011, following several teasers in the past months. Below, I will go through every track on the album, naming which album it came from and a few interesting points about it, along with my personal opinion.

“Hell” is a very powerful song, and is actually one of the earliest songs I heard from Disturbed, before I was a big fan. Hell is a B-side from Ten Thousand Fists (2005).

“A Welcome Burden” begins with a very startling yell from David, before breaking down into a miniature guitar solo. At first, I thought the song to be odd, and actually disliked it for a time, before I bought the album years later. “A Welcome Burden” is a B-side from The Sickness (2000), and is on the Dracula 2000 soundtrack.

“This Moment” is a throwback to David’s impressive vocal noises, in which he repeatedly growls out the catchy hook (“Barriettah”). The song seems to signify the fact that you shouldn’t corner wild animals. “This Moment” is not a B-side, but shows up on Transformers: The Album.

“Old Friend” implies that David is simply not afraid of death, and, in fact, embraces it, ending the chorus by saying that “Death is an old friend of mine.” It is a perfect fit for someone who is finally standing up after being put down for so long. “Old Friend” is a B-side from Asylum (2010).

“Monster” is assumed to be a follow-up to “Down With The Sickness,” the song that brought attention to the band in the first place. The lyrics seem to emanate that, although David became famous through his stepmother’s abuse, it also made him a monster. “Monster” is a B-side from Ten Thousand Fists (2005).

“Run” is a song with sad implications. Though its lyrics are powerful and its image morose, would it be worth it? Wasting your entire life to destroy one person (or idea), only to find out that you only accomplished that much? “Run” is a B-side from Indestructible (2008).

“Leave It Alone” brings to mind a fragile relationship, on the verge of breaking because one of them always finds flaws in the other. I find the song very touching. “Leave It Alone” is a B-side from Asylum (2010).

“Two Worlds” is a song about the two sides of one’s mind. Neither is brought to detail, so you never know which one to fight and which to aid, but it is implied that neither will win, instead tearing David apart. “Two Worlds” is a B-side from Ten Thousand Fists (2005).

“God of the Mind” seems to point to the fact that time is but a god to some people. People in this day and age are controlled by the worry and constant fear of time. “God of the Mind” is a B-side from The Sickness (2000).

“Sickened” is yet another song pointed at sick, twisted relationships. This one shows that, although his lover constantly abuses him and leaves, David still wants to be with them. “Sickened” is a B-side from Ten Thousand Fists (2005).

“Mine” starts with a mesh of news regarding religion. The lyrics point out that most wars have been started over religion, and there doesn’t seem to be an end. “Mine” is a B-side from Asylum (2010).

“Parasite” is a song dedicated to the draw of drugs. The lyrics even state “you’re living through association that’s been getting you high,” letting the listener know that drugs have screwed many people over, and it can happen to you. “Parasite” is a B-side from Indestructible (2008).

“Dehumanized” is a song about giving anything to just get away from the world, even for a brief moment. This is one of my favorite songs on the album, mostly given the hold it has on you from the first chord. “Dehumanized” is a B-side from Believe (2002).

“3” is a tribute to the West Memphis Three, a trio of men falsely convicted of sacrificing three teenagers as a Satanic act. “3” is a B-side from Asylum (2010).

“Midlife Crisis” is Disturbed’s cover of a Faith No More song of the same name. The original song meaning tells of a man who left his child at a young age, due to his midlife crisis. “Midlife Crisis” is a B-side from Indestructible (2008).

“Living After Midnight” is a Judas Priest cover. The original’s meaning was about cruising the street after midnight, rocking out and doing drugs. “Living After Midnight” is a B-side from Asylum (2010).

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