Facebook posts help kitten find its way back home

On Oct. 9, Cynthia Kress found a striped grey kitten near her home. She felt bad for the kitten, so she went into her home and brought out some cat food and water.

Kress posted a picture on her Facebook asking if anyone knew who’s kitten this was or if anyone would be willing to take him in. Because no one would take the kitten, she decided to post to a Facebook group for lost and found pets in Cedar Falls.

About an hour later, she got a comment on her post about the kitten. Someone who knew the owner of the cat and gave her his information.

The owner Josh contacted Kress, and she gave him her address, and Josh walked over to pick up his kitten.

Once he made it to the house, they greeted each other, and Kress handed him the kitten. He was so happy to see his little kitten again that Josh teared up.

“I’m really happy that social media was able to help this man find his kitten,” Kress said. “I’m glad that  we can use Facebook not just for playing silly games, but we can use it to help people.”

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