Green Day’s latest returns to roots

By Andrew Nickey

Green Day is one of the many iconic rock band of the later eighties, and after five years since releasing their last studio album, they’re back with Revolution Radio.

Revolution Radio is the 15th studio album by the band from Berkeley, Calif., composed of lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong, bassist Mike Dirnt and drummer Tre Cool.

The one thing so special about this all new Green Day album is the uniqueness of the album to the band. This is the first album in 15 years Green Day has released that doesn’t have some bigger interconnected meaning or extra twists.

The album is simply a single LP with 12 songs. The songs themselves are filled with references to politics and the state of America today. Songs like “Bang Bang” and “Revolution Radio” show Green Day’s origins of punk and diversion from the public opinion.

The song “Still Breathing” is one of the heavier songs on the album. It depicts the hardships in America and highlights the ones that are able to survive each day.

The tour, however, has seen some setbacks.

All three members of the band, including crew, have suffered from illness over the past few weeks, so the first three dates of the tour have been postponed and the fourth cancelled.

Unfortunately for Cedar Falls students, these first few venues, including Chicago and a stop in Missouri, might have been the closest they could get to seeing them live.

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