Artist of the Week: Senior Jenna Clark

art-of-weekSenior Jenna Clark plays multiple important roles in this week’s play, characterizing not only one of the three angels but also stepping in as Mrs. Bailey, the mother of the main character.

1. How long have you been involved in drama productions?

I’ve been in drama at the high school since last year, but I’ve been involved in theater for years.

2. What sparks your interest with theater? Why do you participate?

I love absolutely everything about drama — the costumes, painting sets, being on stage — there is nothing like finally getting to share our show with an audience on opening night. It’s addicting, honestly. Once you’ve performed once, you can’t get enough of it, and you just want to get back on that stage and do it again and again. But I also love the people. The theater department here is one of the most welcoming and fun groups of people out there. They make all of the late night practices and hours spent reworking scenes worth it. Nobody makes me happier than my play people.

3. How do you get ready for performances? Pre-show rituals, calming methods, favorite snacks?

I don’t really get nervous for shows, so I don’t have any superstitious pre-show routines, but I love to be at the door before show collecting tickets. I get to see who all is going to be in the audience, since I can’t look out while I’m on stage. I like to have an idea who I’m sharing the show with.

4. What has been your favorite character that you’ve ever played?

My absolute favorite character is Goldie from Diviners last year. She was the sassy but loving diner owner. I loved playing her because I got to shout and put up a fuss. I actually got so carried away in a rehearsal that I cracked a plate over my scene partner’s head. (Not on purpose, I swear!)

5. Do you plan to continue theater after you graduate?

I’m not sure if I’ll keep doing theater after I graduate. If I could, I’d love to never stop acting, but I have no idea what state I’ll even be living in next year so ask me again once I get my life a little more figured out.

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