Food drive participants deserving of praise

Over the past month and a half, Cedar Falls has made several efforts to raise money and cans for the food drive this year. Everyone as a whole has attempted to do their part in helping this cause for people of less fortune.

We just wanted to say thank you to everyone who participated and helped support the food drive this year.

There were several ways to help and do your part this year. You could have just brought cans into your third period classrooms, or maybe you participated in powderpuff volleyball, or you could have simply just bought some goods at the bake sale.

The goal for us as a school this year was to raise 20,000 pounds of food over this six week period.

Cedar Falls beat all of the other participating schools, as we raised 10,920 pounds of food, and all eight of the participating schools together raised over 30,000 pounds of food.

Cedar Falls as a district also raised around $8000 for the food drive. It was a great effort from the entire student body.

Great job to the entire student body this year in helping out feeding the people who need it.

A great example was Mr.Brown’s third period classroom, which brought in 628 cans, an average of 33 cans a student.

Again, thank you to everyone who again showed the ability of Cedar Falls to come together to help a good cause when necessary.

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