GAMER’S GALLERY: Many genres available for those who love to play video games

Every game, no matter where you play it, has a genre. Whether it is fantasy, medieval, it does not matter. The genre is only a base for the amazing game to build off of. However, some genres are better than others. Here are my personal, top five gaming genres:

First, I love puzzle games. This may seem odd, since these games are usually frustrating, but that’s what to love about them. The thrill of getting to a puzzle you can’t beat and overcoming it by some means, even if that means looking it up. While an odd genre, puzzle games are underrated for their worth and always good for a challenge.

Second, racing games are always a fun, relaxing game. While usually not fun alone, racing games are great for bringing family or friends together to do a few laps. Even if it comes down to yelling and such, racing games, at their core, are very fun. Even if you don’t play with friends, it’s still fun to race again the AI, and when they pull a cheap shot, get mad.

Third, role-playing games (RPGs) are always fun. RPG games have a multitude of reasons they are fun, but a few examples are, first, you  usually get some sort of party system or new abilities you gain to help progress. Second, as you go from one area to the next, you get new gear to help you do more damage. Thirdly, the stories are usually really deep no matter what you look at. Fourth, they usually have huge replay value. Finally, there’s always that one cutscene that touches an emotional spot, and you hate seeing it, but at the same time, you love it. While a bit cliche, RPG games are amazing and deserve a spot on my personal list.

Fourth, I love tower defense games. If unfamiliar with what this is, tower defense (or sometimes called TD) games are usually a game where you use buildings or something to defend a base or objects. Usually attacks come in waves, and you have a cool down period between waves to upgrade and move around your defenses. While this may be an odd choice, tower defense games always offer a fun challenge. This is because you never know what to expect, and so you guess, and if you put one thing wrong, you will have to quickly repair yourself during the wave, and the anticipation of being even a second late is amazing.

Finally, I love party games. Much like racing games, party games are great for bringing friends and family together. What you might not expect is that some party games, such as Mario Party, get really competitive really fast. This is because tensions rise on certain mini games if you mess up. However, while tensions may rise, the competitive nature of these games is only part of the fun. Once more, just like racing games, these games don’t punish you for being alone and offer a great deal of single player fun. While not nearly as fun, it is nice to be able to use what you earned in single player to assist you in multiplayer.

Gaming is not about the genre, but about the game itself. However, without the genre, games would have no base to build off of.  These gaming genres are not the only ones that exist, of course, but these are my personal top five.

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