Holmes implements detentions for missing work

Holmes Junior High has been working on reducing the amount of missing assignments that students have been getting. Policies on missing assignments usually vary from each teacher, ranging from docked grades to no punishment. However, a new policy was introduced on Monday, Nov. 7.

Now, when students get a missing assignment, they have an hour of mandatory Alternative Learning Time (ALT) either the night of or the next day.

During this time, students will complete the assignment and other homework with that teacher. If they complete the assignment before the scheduled ALT, they will still be required to complete the time.

Peet has had this program in place for three or four years now, and many other middle schools in the state have similar programs.

Tiger Time will still be a time for teachers to request and work with students, but “Teachers will not have to spend Tiger Time on missing work, but rather work on reteaching concepts,” ECHOES director Dan Bower said.

The overwhelming majority of teachers in the building agree with the work completion program. ELP teacher Karen Newcomb said, “We wouldn’t assign homework that we didn’t believe was important in helping students develop the skills needed to be successful in our classes.”

Other teachers agree with the policy because they believe it positively encourages the students to get the work done outside of class. Leesa Talbot, an English teacher, told a story about her experience with getting things done in the real world. “When I first got a Discover card, at some point I was late with a payment. That little moment of neglect cost me $40 in late fees and made me realize from now on I’m going to pay my bills on time. Consequences stink, but ALT is realistic and won’t ever break a student’s piggy bank.”

Students, however, are more split on this topic. Freshman Lakin Sheeley is torn over how she feels. “I think it makes students care more about their homework and makes them more responsible. I also think that it’s a little crazy. I have mainly always done all of my assignments, and if one day I accidentally forget to do one, I have to stay an hour after school? It sounds a bit radical.”

A lot of students disagree with the policy because they just aren’t used to it, and they are turned off by the change.

Other students feel confident that they will not be affected. “I don’t think it will phase a lot of the students because a lot of us get our assignments done on time,” freshman Avery Straw said.

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