CrossFit Kilo speeding up while winter slows you down

By Lily Becker

The Gym, otherwise known as Crossfit Kilo, offers a variety of classes throughout the day that all have an instructor. All newcomers must first take their free introductory class to learn about the gym blog and the WOD (workout of the day) board.

After the class, new participants must take a beginners course before starting regular classes. The options for the courses are On Ramp or Personal Foundation classes.

On Ramp is a one month class for $120 that teaches the essential lifts and movements for Crossfit. If one’s schedule doesn’t allow the On ramp choice, one may take the three personal foundation classes for $150 and must purchase a monthly membership for $120 a person immediately after the classes.

If one purchases a six-month membership, however, the three personal foundation classes are free.

Those who are already experienced with crossfit training may start right into regular classes.

Crossfit classes are scheduled all throughout the day from 4:30 in the morning to the last class at 6:15 p.m. Members may also workout on their own, and it is advised though that one doesn’t workout at the same time as scheduled classes.

Students, military and police do receive a discount for $96 month. Family memberships are $200 a month  plus $25 per person after two. A three-month contract is $115 per month. All of these options provide you with unlimited classes whenever you want.

High school athletes also have the option of XL. The XL Sports Program helps athletes improve their speed, agility and strength as well as mental strength. You can either buy a one year membership for $159 a year or as a punch card.

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