Side series make worthwhile diversions will waiting for main Nintendo releases

Nintendo  is mostly known for main series games, like Pokemon, Legend of Zelda and others. However, did you know there are some fun side games? In this list, I will list the top five best Nintendo spin-offs.

For number five, I’m going to go with “The Legend of Zelda” The minish Cap.” This game plays slightly different from other games in the series, but the story strongly makes up for it.

In simple, a man name Vatti is searching for the ultimate power, and in his quest turns Princess Zelda to stone. Determined to free his friend, Link goes off into the world to reforge that sacred blade. When he goes into the forest, he meets a friend whom he will never forget.

For number four, I’m going with the “Mario Kart” series. This might be confusing to consider as a “spin-off,” but it is. Technically a spin-off is anything that takes characters like Mario  and puts them in another environment. “Mario Kart” is pretty straight forward; you chose a character, a track and then race. You can link up with friends and race them, which is fun.

For number three, I would go with the “Paper Mario” series. This is a very odd series, if the title does not give it away. It’s like a normal RPG, but you’re playing as Mario, and he’s made of paper. While this might seem pointless, several times in the series he gets some sort of ability to fold, bend, etc., which he could do if he was made of paper.

The stories of the games are usually really original, but the main thing about them are the party members. As you may or may not know, in most RPGs, you get a team of friends who help you fight, and “Paper Mario” is no different. “Paper Mario” offers a chance to let you see how enemies you’d stomp without a second thought, fight with you.

For number two, I would recommend the “Pokemon Ranger” games. “Pokemon Ranger” is extremely odd, no matter how you look at it. Instead of using a Pokeball, the ranger, you, must use the capture stylus to send your friendship to the pokemon to temporarily ask for their help. This sounds really strange on paper, but it’s basically you drawing circles to beat a pokemon and sometimes use their powers to advance in an area. The gameplay is always nice, and the stories always drive you to the edge. However, the biggest selling points are the bosses. Bosses, as you’d think, are much harder and tougher enemies. Some of the bosses in this game took me months to beat. In conclusion, the game has a good balance of excellent story, gameplay and difficult bosses.

Finally, for number one, I’m going to chose the “Pokemon Mystery Dungeon” series. For this series, you’re turned into a pokemon. This sounds odd, sure, but it’s also awesome. You basically wake up as a pokemon one day, then try to figure how, and in doing so, you get wrapped in saving the world. The departure of yourself from your partner always brings tears to some fans eyes. Overall, this series’ strong point is its story, for sure.

Overall, spin-offs are rarely played or mentioned for more than a few days after a mainstream game comes out. However in the in-between gaming seasons, the seasons where no new games are coming out, spin-offs are a very nice pick-up. No matter what you chose on this list, you won’t regret it.

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