‘Still’ Feeling It: Alumni return for annual concert

By Clare Rolinger

On Monday, Dec. 19, the choir students gathered in Claire Stanard Auditorium to perform their annual winter concert, a concert which has a special place in the hearts of the alumni that returned as well.

Each year, alumni take to the stage to join current choir members in singing, “Still, Still, Still.” The high school tradition has been going on for years.

CFHS alumni Emily Bruss was one of the many alumni who returned to sing with the choir on the 19th.

“It’s just a reminder that even though I’ve graduated and I’m not in concert choir or women’s choir anymore, I’m still a part of that family, and I never have to let that go. I’m moving on with my life, and I’m growing up, and I’m in college now, but I can still sing that song and have that moment with people that I love. All of us have a connection through choir and through Mr. Kranz, and I just think that it’s really special,” Bruss said.

Family is something emphasized in Mr. Kranz’s classroom on a daily basis. This year the choir’s theme is umbutu, which means community or togetherness. The theme was particularly evident in the song selection on Monday night. Messages like “God will not forget us” and “we can mend a crack in the sky” highlighted the theme of togetherness and emphasized the importance of uniting as one during difficult times.

Choir not only provides the students with a family, but it also allows them to express themselves.

“Music is an expression of who you are: what you want to say to your audience or to yourself or God or just anyone who’s willing to listen. It’s a way to connect with people, to understand yourself, and sometimes it’s a way just to let out everything that’s trapped inside of you, whether that’s joy or sorrow or frustration. Music enables you for every moment of your life,” Bruss said.

Alumni Jonathan Kuehner also joined the choir on Monday.

“You know I’ve done a lot of theater and learning about theater my freshman year of college,” he said. “We talk about how when you punch somebody or kiss somebody on stage, it’s because words no longer mean anything — there is just too much emotion. Singing is like a version of that in real life, you sing because regular words just aren’t sufficient.”

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