Online comic captures fresh perspectives

Graphic by The Disabled Life

“The Disabled Life,” a blog created on Tumblr by Lianna and Jessica Oddi, has wheelchair users literally “rolling” on the floor laughing.

The Canadian sister’s comics and posts document the “jerks and perks,” of not only being a wheelchair user, but also the true disabled experience. Their various social media accounts featuring the comics began as a mode for the Oddis to share their sarcastic musings and life experience with the others, and they have won over both disabled/chronically ill and able-bodied audiences in the process. They have also caught the attention of press organizations such as The Mighty and Huffington Post.

The sister’s artistic style is visually appealing due to its minimalist nature. Most of their comics work with very limited color palettes or are simply monochrome. Their lettering is relatively easy to read and is often sized in a matter that aides in legibility. On their tumblr account, they do offer extensive visual descriptions for those who are blind, visually impaired or have vision problems.

Their refreshing illustrations with witty captions deal with serious subjects such as equal access, body image and misdiagnosis in the least “preachy” way. By putting powerful messages in more humorous and approachable packages, these women will most definitely make a bigger mark in the social justice and evolution of the perception of such topics.

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