Right-leaning groups call attention to overreaction at recent vet’s events

Last Friday, Donald J. Trump was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States. In his speech he spoke of uniting together and bringing jobs back. Of course liberal Democrats compared the speech to Adolf Hitler speeches and declared Trump a Nazi. After Trump completed his swearing in process, the so called “protesters” then began to destroy vehicles and break things.

A Gold Star family was berated and assaulted by protesters on their way into the Medal of Honor recipients tribute during the Veterans Inaugural Ball. Amy Looney, whose husband Navy SEAL Lieutenant Brendan Looney was killed in 2010, and Ryan Manion, whose brother Marine 1st Lieutenant Travis Manion was killed in 2007, were walking in, and “protesters” shoved them and drew over their shirts with permanent markers. The protesters shouted obscenities at the people who know the true meaning behind the sacrifice that allows their freedom of speech.

We have seen the true face of the supposed “tolerant” left throughout the whole election cycle, but not even in this manner.

On Friday two members of the United States Air Force, Staff Sgt. David Stefaniak and Major Dan Holland, were attempting to get through a security checkpoint to see the inauguration but were blocked by protesters chanting: “This checkpoint is closed!” They eventually did make it in, but had to work around all the protesters.

After Trump completed the swearing in, liberal rioters began to light things on fire and destroy property. Apparently by throwing rocks through a Starbucks window, that will suddenly cause President Trump to resign. They still will not accept Donald Trump as president. Maybe I’m remembering wrong, but I believe a week before election day, Hillary Clinton said now-President Trump not accepting the results was “horrifying.” All of her supporters went after Trump on social media and elsewhere. Now that it’s Trump in office, suddenly he’s “not their president.” Last time I checked, if you’re an American citizen, and you live in America, Donald J. Trump is your president.

Wanting President Trump to fail is like being on a ship and wanting the Captain to sink it. We’re all on the same boat here. Let’s give him a chance.

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