Left-leaning groups call attention to overreaction at recent film festival

Hugely popular Youtuber Shane Dawson attended an event at the Sundance Film Festival on the evening of Jan. 23 that was hosted by Tomi Lahren, a conservative Republican, but he was injured and kicked out of the event just for holding hands with his boyfriend.

Lahren said that they were kicked out because they were intentionally creating a scene at the event that was hosted for films made by veterans organizations. She claimed that she was trying take a picture with them when Dawson and his boyfriend stepped in front of her and started kissing. Lahren said, “They were not there to support the event,” and that, “They were there to instigate and make a spectacle to advance whatever political message they placed above common courtesy for our veteran event.”

Dawson explained his side of the story through many tweets. “@TomiLahren had just kicked me out for not being straight. Security threw me out for holding hands with a man, and they tried to break my leg.”

To add to all of the confusion, a Youtuber that goes by the name of Keemstar stated that Lahren had mistaken Dawson for other troublemakers at the military event, and after everything, all guests that were part of the LGBT community were removed from the event, which is horrible.

Both parties have made up with each other and are on better terms, but there is a moral that comes out of all of this. It’s 2017, and whether you like someone or not, no one should ever be treated the way that Dawson was. Intimacy and hand holding isn’t illegal, and neither is being a part of the LGBT community. That is not the world we live in any more. Get with the program.

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