Christian music can include artists who live instead of sing their faiths

Does Christian music always have to include lyrics about God or things relating to Christianity? That’s a good question.

Every member of Thousand Foot Krutch is a devout Christian, and they’ve released 10 albums over the course of 22 years. Not one of their songs references their religion. Skillet, a well-known rock band, is Christian, but their lyrics (disregarding older albums) don’t show it. Whenever they play in a concert, however, they always take a few minutes to pray before they start rocking.

Are these bands not considered Christian if the songs don’t speak of their religion?

Yes, and no.

Yes, the bands themselves are still Christian bands because of the members themselves. However, bands like Skillet and TFK do not produce what can be classified as Christian music.

Quite like how jazz doesn’t need to utilize saxophones and other brass instruments, and country music doesn’t need a twangy guitar and a Southern accent, Christian music also has its own parameters. Unfortunately, these bands (and a lot of others) cannot be considered creators of Christian music.

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