Shrek-based theme ruling swamp of Internet memes

Shrek is considered by many a huge part of Internet culture and loved by many, so with the new Shrek play coming out, a meme review of America’s favorite ogre had to be done.

Shrek memes started with fan fiction featuring Shadow from the Sonic games. After this, more and more Shrek fan fiction came out ruining more childhood memories with each one.

Some of the most vulgar and disturbing Shrek fan fictions came from the site 4chan, which has been credited for creating most memes today.

Shrek became huge in the meme world when an animated video of a Shrek fan fiction from 4chan became viral. This event is called by many meme experts “The Shrekoning” because of the huge influx of Shrek memes that came out during this time.

So now that the history of the Shrek meme is covered, it is now time for the A E S T H E T I C S.

The beauty of Shrek is that he has so much stuff to use. The word Shrek itself has many uses since it uses only one syllable and can be used in many circumstances. Shrek himself also has a very funny look, so it adds to the spiciness of the meme.

Shrek memes also lean toward the dirty side of the humor spectrum, so it adds a shock value, which is appealing to many, including me.

Shrek’s voice is used a lot in memes because of this accent and odd lines like “Get outta my swamp” and “layers.” Many of these sound clips are used in meme videos.

The Shrek memes have also created a spillover effect with the song “Rockstar” by All Star becoming a hit in the meme community.

Shrek memes have had a huge impact on the meme market and have even introduced new memes. so because of this, I give the Shrek meme 10 onions out of 10.

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