Traffic cameras increase driver accountability, safety

Two pieces of legislation are making their way through the Iowa Senate at the moment. One would ban traffic-enforcement cameras in the state of Iowa, and one would regulate them more carefully and ensure that the funding went only towards building new roads. The measures are proposed in an attempt to prevent cities from installing traffic cameras as an attempt to raise funds for the town. Ultimately, the regulation bill is the way to go over banning traffic cameras.

Traffic cameras are a stream of revenue for a city, without a doubt. They are a constant eye in one area of a city, and they are foolproof in catching those who speed, but while they raise money for a city, they also save lives. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that speed cameras reduced injury crashes by 20-25 percent. Traffic cameras aren’t just there as a cash grab; they’re there to attempt to keep people within the law and within a safe driving speed.

The regulatory bill would ensure that traffic cameras are being used correctly. Under the proposed bill, the Iowa DOT would need to approve any locations of a traffic regulatory camera in the state, ensuring that they go in areas which need safe drivers. In addition, the money raised from the cameras will only be able to go toward roads, rather than straight into the city’s budget. This bill, as it relates to the abuse of traffic camera funding, is the way to go. It ensures that there is no abuse of traffic enforcement camera funds while still allowing cities to install them to keep their drivers safe.

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