Weed less dangerous than other legalized substances

Marijuana, dope, weed, pot, jazz cabbage, the Devil’s lettuce, bud or whatever you might call it should be legalized within all states. Why? It’s healthier than half the things already legalized.

Alcohol can be obtained at a certain age, yet it’s worse for our health than weed. Within five minutes of binge drinking, you can die from alcohol poisoning. Alcohol is also a depressant, whereas you can’t overdose on weed, and it gives a euphoric feeling. Weed can slow down development in the brain, but alcohol does the same while it begins to hurt your liver.

Many teenagers have started drinking as it is, and it’s unhealthier than pot. Teenagers smoke cigarettes, which are literally cancer sticks. They damage the insides of our bodies along with aging users prematurally, whereas weed doesn’t do any of that.

The high given off while the THC enters your bloodstream can slow things down, but you still have full control of your actions. If enough alcohol is consumed, people tend to black out or blantaly make fools out of themselves. People who are high laugh at everything while experiencing inner personal thoughts of a different dimension.

Weed can help artists create masterpieces, and it can help writers write amazing pieces. Their imaginations run wild, and the most creative ideas they could ever dream about are shown to them while high.

People bond while high. While high, everything is calming. It’s easier to talk to people, and it allows people to speak freely. It also helps people with depression. The use of pot helps pull someone out a depressed state due to the euphoric feeling it gives off. Alcohol or cigarettes don’t do nothing to affect our moods, but weed makes people happy to say the least. You gain a better sense of the world, and the world doesn’t seem like such a shitshow when you’re high. It’s easier to fall asleep and have a good night’s sleep. People with insomnia sleep better with the help of weed.

Weed isn’t a hallucinante. I understand why shrooms or acid is illegal, but weed doesn’t cause you to see weird things. Weed just makes everything around you seem calm.

Overall, weed is healthier than cigarettes and alcohol, yet marijuana isn’t legalized. You can die from cigarettes or drink yourself to death. You can’t with marijuana.


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