Veterans, speech team, many others deserving of special attention on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day. Though known to most as a day for (not so) cheap chocolate, flowers, gifts and stress over all of the above for many couples around the world, it should be remembered that the love celebrated is not singularly amourous. There is no time for moping around or waiting for a significant other to share that affection with. If one just takes a look around, one would realize that love is everywhere. Relationships with family and friends are to be celebrated as well. This is the basis for the volunteer club’s latest venture.

The Valentine’s Day inspired project, aptly titled Spread the Love, will be centered around helping veterans celebrate the day by thanking them through writing. Valentine’s or thank you cards will be written and sent to AMVETS. These cards will be written by anyone who wants to participate in the endeavor. Materials such as colored construction paper, markers and other art supplies will be spread throughout the school primarily in the library, Tiger’s Den and in the counseling office. We encourage everyone to go over and enjoy making Valentines cards and letters for the vets or even just for any significant people in your lives. Additionally, the volunteer club is contacting various elementary schools in the district in order to get the children involved in thanking the veterans for their work and dedication.

The project also includes spreading the love to the elderly, who should know much about the feeling through experience. This weekend and on Monday, the club members will be volunteering at nursing homes to help decorate for the unofficial holiday.

Speaking of affection, let’s give a little bit of our love to the wonderfully talented ladies who have been nominated to All-State for Large Group Speech! We offer our congratulations to  Meghan Kern, Heather Wolf, Alexa Balong, Clare Rolinger and Anna Hertz on their honorable achievements. Go Tigers!

If one is feeling lonely, a simple suggestion for searching for someone to share the emotion in one’s heart is to simply look up. You are surrounded by those who appreciate, respect and are quite fond of you. Love comes in many shapes and forms, a reason why it’s so amazing. See? No necessary need for a significant other; you’ve got plenty of your own Valentines.

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